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May 05, 2012, 05:43:15 pm sk1ll dr4g0n says: how do i play this game
July 08, 2011, 12:10:43 pm kiwi2011 says: how do you make an account to play the game Huh
May 19, 2011, 08:05:07 pm Conceptionz says: how do i get the webclient?
April 23, 2011, 04:29:29 pm 123321123 says: omg....
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 on: April 17, 2013, 05:17:01 am 
Started by v0idz - Last post by CamKrist
I decided to give a hand and sent a post into social bookmarks. I hope the popularity will rise in.

 on: March 21, 2011, 04:18:23 pm 
Started by Main Owner: Xterbium - Last post by dawson
great staff list ! gj staff

 on: March 09, 2011, 07:20:59 am 
Started by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
t server is darkscaperz.mysmf.com

 on: March 03, 2011, 06:33:35 pm 
Started by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
ok since I have no idea what happened to xterb I am going to attempt to make a server and if xterb comes on hopefully she can be my other owner and also I need a coder plus a few staff members the site will be hopefully if I can get my friends website it will be named puresheave all join and if you can code for me then you will be the co-owner because I have no idea how to code etc... plus I need a good source and vps so if you have some and you know how to code please

 on: February 22, 2011, 06:49:33 pm 
Started by v0idz - Last post by v0idz


Player Name-v0ids

How You Help-I Am Helpful to players i stay in a Positive Attitude i am fun to talk to I will Report anything i see breaking the rules to the owners

Hobbies?-playing Hells History BMXing Xbox360 and skateboarding

Are you a donater?-No ):

Have you bought an item out of the shop?- No

Staff spot wanted-Moderator

Country & Timezone-North America Middle Eastern

 on: February 16, 2011, 05:06:37 pm 
Started by Main Owner: Xterbium - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
lol wow ok im closing this thread becuase its outdate Tongue

 on: February 16, 2011, 05:03:40 pm 
Started by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
ok guys this is what im thinkin (not sure if xterb wants or not but im posting to get a idea)

all non donators can't wear barrows and some armours etc (the good armour)
and this is what you can donate for via make these items only spawnable by admin+
$13 white p'hat
$15 yellow p'hat
$16 green p'hat
$17 red p'hat
$18 purple p'hat
$20 blue p'hat

$7 red h'ween
$8 green h'ween
$10 blue h'ween

$6 santa hat

$2 pair of boxing gloves

$10 basket of eggs

$15 quest cape (be like a donator cape)

$6 dragon claws

$1 full gilded,any armour t or g any decorative armour really

$1 per 100 pk points

$5 donator yell and forum status plus dz access (comes with membership)

$0.50 any 99 skill (if she make it so you can skill for your other levels other than combat)

 on: February 16, 2011, 04:33:36 pm 
Started by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
sorry i am a bit late posting this but here they are.  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
The Rule;
Post hunting - Post hunting is not allowed. Their is a fine line between spamming the forums, and being active on the forums. Sure... Everybody loves to post
and the reward of having a high post count is more then pleasing, but please watchh yourself while doing this. No-One likes a post hunter.

Punishment for post hunting will most likely start off as an infraction, if continued it could almost certainly result in a ban. Please watch yourself when post hunting.

The Rule;
Harrasment - Do not intentionaly harras or annoy the communuity. Especially staff members. It is considered bad, and an annoying thing to do.

Harrasing depending on the afromentioned, and the victim, could result on a mute, Perm mute, IP mute, Ban, Perm ban, Ip ban. Depending on the seriousness of the crime. You have been warned.

The Rule;
Flaming - Flaming is just like harrasment, it is an annoying thing to do. It is to intentionaly harm another person emotionally. And will NOT be tolerated. Not only does it make the forums look bad, it makes the game, and the staff, and all the players, look bad.

The punishment for this is perhaps for serious than harrasment, it not only harrases people, but it makes the whole community look bad. so doing so could result in the same as a harrasment, OR WORSE.

The Rule;
Advertising - Advertising, other forums, or servers, is not in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM allowed, please make sure you don't do this or...

Or it will almost certainly end in an Perminent Host/Ip ban. Watch yourself, do not be tempted into doing it.

 on: February 12, 2011, 02:39:25 pm 
Started by Main Owner: Xterbium - Last post by P-Mod: rushin claw
If you are not on the list, you either left us, or you were demoted.

--Co owners--
1 h1t k0
God Hits

Nobody was forgotten, if you are not on here, you were probably demoted. Smiley
xterbium what happened? i just got my labtop back my main cpu has java problems what happened to my staff spot?Huh?

 on: February 12, 2011, 10:03:16 am 
Started by demon6839 - Last post by Super F-Mod: Ivyfpop
ok first off i will tell hellz to review you have a good chance at getting denied (due to low player toll) but good lukc
/closed (for now)

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